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Alabama Fire Insurance Quotes

Home fires can happen in any state and be caused by many different sources. Alabama has had a history with wild fires which can be devastating to homeowners. Having home fire insurance is a must for any homeowner and is included in most insurance policies these days. can offer online fire insurance quotes for property owners in Alabama. The process takes less than five minutes to complete a simple form which starts the process of insurance agents competing for your business.

Compare Fire Insurance Quotes in AL

Homeowners in Alabama can compare fire insurance simply by using our simple form to get competitive quotes from leading insurance agents. Start by entering your zip code and click "Get Quotes" to begin the application process. After completing the application you will begin to receive quotes from multiple insurance companies for fire insurance.

Alabama Home

Finding cheap home fire insurance in Alabama has never been easier and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Use our free service to find the best rates and companies that offer home insurance in your city.

Home Fire Insurance Basics

When you look at getting home insurance in Alabama many companies will offer package policies that not only insure against fire but other types of losses. The decision to insure a property for only one or two types of losses can be costly if a disaster occurs that is not insured.

Here are a list of home fire insurance policy types:

HO-1: A bare bones policy that protects against theft and most weather losses like wind and hail.

HO-2: Building on the HO-1 policy this also provides coverage for ice/snow, falling objects and water damage directly related to freezing pipes.

HO-3: A very popular choice for homeowners looking to cover all physical losses expect those excluded on the policy. No personal property would be included.

HO-4: Covers personal property and liability for damage caused to the unit which is usually rented by a landlord.

HO-5: Includes all the features of the HO-3 plus personal property coverage. Any exceptions listed on the policy are excluded.

HO-6: It is the policy designed for condo owners which may include personal property and liability limits.

HO-8: Offers cash value instead of replacement cost and covers similar types of losses as an HO-1.

Rising Water Can Cost More Than Fires in Alabama

Being a coastal state it is recommended that every homeowner be sure they are protected against flooding. Most home insurance policies do NOT include protection against rising water or flooding. Check to see if your home is in a high risk flood area and get the proper protection against floods by visiting The National Flood Insurance Program.

How to Lower the Cost of Home Fire Insurance

Alabama fire insurance can vary in price between companies but you as the homeowner have the ability to keep your costs low. Each insurance company has to set rates based on how they perceive a certain risk which is usually determined by the last 3 years of losses in Alabama. While you have no control on how an insurance company can determine a risk in your city you can lower your policy premium by following a few simple steps.

Fire insurance policy premiums are largely determined by location, loss history, credit rating and home building materials. Each of these items can be controlled by the homeowner to varying degrees. Having more than one home insurance claim in the past three years or poor credit can increase your premiums exponentially. Using credit as a rating tool is becoming a very common tool for insurance companies to determine future losses. Just like a car loan if you have better credit your insurance policy will be cheaper. Here is a list of things to consider if you want to lower your home fire insurance bill:

  • Improve your credit rating
  • Don't make more than one claim in a three year period
  • Mitigate risk by removing shrubs and other trees that may spread fire to your house
  • Install a security/fire system for discounts up to 25%



Alabama Wild Fire Facts

  • Approximately 20 houses are lost every year in Alabama due to wild fires
  • Worst wild fires occurred in 1999, 2000 and 2011
  • Arson is the number one cause of wild fires in Alabama



Fire Insurance Claims in AL

Insurance claims for fires average over $30,000 so it is crucial to have the proper protection in Alabama.



Home Insurance Agents by City

  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Huntsville
  • Mobile

More cities are included but these are the largest in Alabama.


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