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Each year fires cause catastrophic damage to homes in California whether it was a wild fire or just a kitchen fire. California fire insurance will provide the protection you need against the most destructive peril in the state. We provide home fire insurance quotes by working with the best companies in your area. By filling out a simple application and comparing rates from leading insurance companies you can save hundreds of dollars each year while still protecting your largest asset.

Compare Home Fire Insurance Rates

Your home insurance policy may be increasing each year and most people don't think it is easy to switch insurers. There is no time like the present to get quotes for fire insurance then decide which policy and company offer the best package for your family. Some companies offer great claims service while others may have excellent customer service and agents but whatever is important to you is what will make you change. will be your first step in comparing fire insurance rates in your city then switch and save.

When comparing each quote I would recommend looking closely at the deductible because this can impact the premium dramatically. The deductible is what you owe if something happens and you file a claim. Basically the higher the deductible the lower your premium will be but don't choose a deductible you cannot afford. This can be a common mistake when people shop for insurance, they either tend to pick a really low deductible which makes the policy really costly or they choose one that is so far over their budget it may haunt them later.

How do you save money on your fire insurance policy?

The cheapest fire insurance policy in California is available if you meet certain requirements. Here are the top five ways to have the lowest premium possible:

  1. Good credit - Having good credit history will likely save you hundreds on your fire insurance premium.
  2. No claims history - If you have made a claim or more in the past 3 years insurance companies will either not want you or charge a lot if you want their policy.
  3. Don't live next to trees - If your house is in the hills with all the timber it will cost as much as 4 times a house that is in the city. You pay for the extra hazard potential living in a wooded area.
  4. Building materials - The type of building materials used on your home can influence the premium by 20-40%. Find a home that is built with fire resistant material like brick and has a little to no wood siding.
  5. Location, location, location - Real estate is all about the "where" so when looking to by a home understand that the insurance is greatly determined by the zip code. If there is high crime or if the area is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes the home fire insurance will cost much more.

What to do if your insurance company cancels your policy due to high fire risk?

It is not uncommon to have your home fire insurance company non-renew the policy due to unacceptable fire risk. If you live in a high ISO Public Protection Class such as an ISO 6 to 10 there is a great chance many companies will not want to insure your home. The ISO rating basically shows the ability of a fire department to suppress a fire at your home and the higher the number the worse it is.

Be sure to do what you can as a homeowner which includes clearing brush away from the house at least 80 feet and having a quality roof that is built of fire retardant material. Beyond what you have control over is how each insurer looks at a fire risk. Some companies will not insure a single home in high fire areas and others may only offer limited protection to the property so read the fine print.

If you do get notice that the current insurance company will not renew your home fire insurance policy start shopping immediately. The last thing you want is a lapse in coverage and a fire to occur. There are many companies like Foremost, Travelers and American Reliable that will insure a home in a high fire risk area but the policy will be more expensive.


High Fire Risk Counties in California

  • Alameda
  • Butte
  • San Bernadino
  • Orange
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles



Most Destructive Fires in California

1990 - Santa Barbara
641 structures destroyed

1991 - Oakland
24 died and $1.5 billion in damage

1970 - Laguna
175,000 acres burned, 382 structures



Insurance Agents in California Cities

Los Angles San Diego San Francisco
Oakland Santa Clara Santa Barbara
Laguna Ocean City Lompoc
Redding Anaheim Orange




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