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Connecticut Fire Insurance Quotes

Get dwelling fire insurance quotes online using our simple system that matches insurance agents with consumers. We capture your request for a fire insurance quote and have multiple agents respond with competitive rates that may save you hundreds of dollars each year. This can be used for your primary residence or rental property depending on what your circumstances are. Let us help you simplify the home insurance buying process today.

Dwelling Fire Insurance vs. Rental Property Insurance

If you own a rental property in Connecticut and are wondering if there is a difference between dwelling fire insurance and rental insurance there is not. Rental property insurance offers protection for the landlord that dwelling fire insurance cannot. This protection comes in the form of liability coverage and property coverage for items owned by the landlord.

It is important to have the right policy in Connecticut because many of the homes are valued so high that any lawsuit could be devastating. Whether your tenant is injured on the property or the tenant injures someone or something else there is coverage for this. Be sure to get the right type of insurance for your home whether you rent or not.

The best fire insurance comes in a package

When you look for home fire insurance in CT the best protection will likely come in a package policy. This means that the home is not just covered for fire related loss but many other disasters like wind, hail, and snow to name a few. Many homeowners’ insurance companies who sell fire insurance in Connecticut will offer multiple types of policies depending on the customer's need.

Package policies offer protection against the most common perils and can include personal property coverage or medical expenses. If you just get a fire insurance policy it may be limited to what is covered in the event of a loss. Make sure you understand what is specifically excluded on your policy so you can determine if that will provide you the coverage you need.

What company offers the best fire insurance policy in Connecticut?

There are many reasons why you would pick an insurance provider including customer service, claims service, rates and location. All of these will likely help you decide which company to use and how much you are willing to pay for service. Not all fire insurance policies are the same and not all companies offer the same service. It is a good idea to ask a lot of questions and make an informed decision based on your budget and the company's history.

Here are a few companies that provide fire insurance in CT:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Travelers
  • State Farm
  • Allstate

This is not an exhaustive list and there is no order intended.

Having a 24 hour claims service is not a big deal these days because almost every company has this. It is the other things that separate a good company from a questionable one. I would look at the claims service as a good indicator of service offered because that is usually the only time you talk with anyone at an insurance company. Remember you get what you pay for and sometimes the lowest rate is not going to help you rebuild your home faster in a disaster.



Connecticut Top Fire Insurance Cities

  • Danbury
  • Hartford
  • New Britain
  • Waterbury
  • Bristol



Remember Your Valuables!

Fire insurance alone may not provide coverage for your jewelry or fine art so you may need a floater policy. An insurance floater is simply a policy that protects specific items like an engagement ring from theft and other perils.


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