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Get Delaware fire insurance quotes in just minutes by using our free comparison tool. This is the easiest and most comprehensive way to get home fire insurance rates online. If you are looking to save money or just want a different insurance company we can help. Many homeowners stay with the same insurance company for years unless something prompts them to make a change. For most this can be increased rates or poor customer service that makes the difference.

We can help you find the best policy available in Delaware that covers fire, theft, wind and hail just to name a few perils. Fire insurance is often just another term for homeowner's insurance but there can be big differences. Be sure to check what is and is not covered on the policy as that can impact how expensive the policy may be.

What is the best way to protect against a house fire?

Most house fires are started by electrical failures or cooking mishaps. The best way to limit the possibility of a house fire is to keep your home in good working condition. This includes having the furnace and other major electrical appliances checked each year for possible wear that could cause fires. Another thing to keep an eye on is your garage and fuels that could combust. If you store gasoline or kerosene in your garage it is recommended to place them in a well-ventilated area and away from electricity.

How to find cheap home fire insurance online?

The trick to finding cheap fire insurance in Delaware is comparing companies that are looking to expand business. Each year insurance companies will adjust the rates they charge depending on previous year's loss or profits made. If a company is looking to expand their home fire insurance business in your city it is likely you will see much more advertising from that company.

These insurance companies will also advertise online through websites like By using our comparison website you can get the most affordable fire insurance rates from the best home insurance companies.

Does my roof type affect my home insurance premium?

The material that is used to cover your home is a major determinant of the rate you will pay for home fire insurance. If your home was built in the 1980s it is common to have a wood shake roof which can cause your home insurance to be very expensive. Wood shake roofs were used with little thought towards the impact to fires and how they increase damage to the entire home.

Roofs that use asphalt or cement tiles offer much more protection against fire and therefore can reduce your fire insurance rates. There are other roof materials like clay but they often break easily so these can be expensive to replace as well.


Wilmington, Delaware is one of the most affordable cities for fire insurance. With approximately 70,000 people who live in the city it offers a great place to live.

Cities in Delaware that we provide fire insurance quotes:

  • Middletown
  • Dover
  • Newwark
  • Smyrna





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