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When you are looking to save money on District of Columbia fire insurance we can help find the best agents at the lowest price. It makes sense to compare rates but also compare policies from different insurance companies as they can be a lot different. Never just take the cheapest policy because it can come back to haunt you in the future. Find the best combination of coverage, service and premium if you want to sleep better.

Online fire insurance quotes for District of Columbia homeowners

Why spend all day calling insurance agents to get quotes when you could fill out one form and have agents compete for your business. This is the easiest way to compare fire insurance quotes in D.C. The process could not be easier and it will likely save you hundreds of dollars off your current home fire policy.

We create relationships with local insurance agents and companies who compete for your business based on the information you provide about your home. It only takes a few minutes to complete the secure form and then the quotes will start to come so you can compare rates or coverage.

Should my dwelling coverage equal the market value of my home?

Market value of homes in the District of Columbia can be very high and in fact may not reflect the true cost to rebuild a home if a fire destroys it. In states that have high land values it is not uncommon to have a reconstruction cost that is less than the market value of a home. This is the case in D.C. where many homeowners have a property that may be worth $800,000 but the rebuild cost is only $600,000.

Work with your insurance agent to determine the appropriate dwelling coverage to use on your fire insurance policy. Most insurance companies will work with a local builder to determine material and labor costs to demolish and reconstruct a home. Always assume more than less as you never want to be short if a fire destroys the entire home.

Best ways to avoid fire damage in your home

One of the most common insurance claims comes from kitchen fires and this can be completely avoidable with the right tools. If you spend any time in your kitchen cooking you know that a fire is very easy to create. The single most important tool you can have is a fire extinguisher. If you maintain an extinguisher close to the kitchen it will be an easy way to put out a small grease fire and avoid massive damage.

Obviously you want to have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors but those won't stop fire damage from occurring. Be sure to replace each detectors battery once per year and check them monthly.

Interesting facts about District of Columbia

According to the average value of a home in Washington D.C. is currently $432,900. Protect your most valuable asset with fire insurance that protects not only the home but also your personal property.


Did you upgrade your kitchen recently?

If so make sure your home fire insurance policy has enough coverage to include the value of the new kitchen remodel. Also it is good to make sure the insurance company knows you have upgraded materials so if you file a claim it will be much easier to prove.



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