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Florida Fire Insurance Quotes

The sunshine state is a great place to live which makes having the right home fire insurance even more important. Start today and get the best rates on fire insurance in Florida by using our free quote tool. Save hundreds of dollars off your homeowners' insurance policy by just comparing other companies in your city.

Florida fire insurance quotes come from all the top companies in your area and most have local agents to provide great service. Some people are buying a new house or maybe you just want a new insurance company either way we can help.

What policy do I need if I rent a home?

Dwelling fire insurance in Florida can provide the right type of coverage you need if you rent your home. These tend to have minimal coverage limits for things like personal property but you can get more coverage if you desire. There are three types of dwelling fire policies:

  • (DP-1) - Least expensive option with limited coverage. Does not include vandalism, theft or water damage in most cases.
  • (DP-2) - More coverage than DP-1 but no theft protection. Replacement cost for losses versus DP-1 which uses cash value.
  • (DP-3) - Most expensive but includes the most coverage at replacement cost coverage. Not available for vacant homes in most companies.

What companies offer fire insurance quotes in FL? works with many insurance companies in Florida to provide a good comparison. Once you complete our secure form it will inform our network of agents from top companies to provide a competitive quote immediately. Companies in our network in Florida include Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Allstate and Nationwide.

Own a condo in Florida but still need home fire insurance

Even if you own a condo in Florida you still want to have protection against fire, theft, and wind to name a few perils. Most homeowner's associations in Florida will require the condo owner to provide insurance coverage proof. This will include a minimum level of liability insurance and personal property coverage. Basically the building wants to make sure if you are responsible for a fire or something that causes damage to the building that you are able to pay.

Condo fire insurance quotes can show you just how much each company charges based on different coverage limits. Spend some time now to get quotes so you have the most affordable policy with the coverage that meets your needs.

Florida Fire Insurance by City

  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Jacksonville
  • St. Petersburg

This is only the largest cities in Florida and is not a complete list of cities that we can give fire insurance quotes.


Housing market rebound in Florida

As the housing market turns around and prices start to increase it is important to review your home insurance. Having the right fire insurance coverage will save time and headache if something happens. Talk with your agent today or get quotes using our service.



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