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Georgia Fire Insurance Quotes

Home fire insurance can protect your most valuable asset against destructive fires but also many other perils. The best homeowners insurance is one that provides the proper protection at an affordable rate. We can help Georgian homeowners compare fire insurance quotes online all from one website. You only need to fill out one form in order to get multiple fire insurance quotes from top companies in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus and many more Georgia cities.

Lowest rates available on home fire insurance in GA

Compare the most reputable insurance companies to get the best coverage at the right price in Georgia. The lowest rates can be found from companies that are trying to gain market share in your city. Many home insurance companies will adjust rates every couple years to accommodate previous losses or gains. This is especially true if a large weather storm created massive damage to a town where only a couple insurance companies are present. What you will notice is new companies come into these areas after a big storm so they can offer lower rates and don't expect such a storm again.

What if I have a fire claim in the past 3 years?

If you had to file an insurance claim due to fire in the past 3 years you may have a hard time finding affordable rates. Most home fire insurance companies will surcharge up to 30% for a prior claim in the last 3 years. Some companies will either price themselves out of the market or just won't accept new customers with prior claims.

It may make sense to wait until your claim is 3 years old before you switch companies but this is why we offer fire insurance quotes online. You can check with other companies to see how much your policy would be with your claim. Make sure you check off any claims you have had in the past 3 years or it will just waste your time.

Home Fire Insurance 101

When you look at getting home insurance in Georgia many companies will offer package policies that not only insure against fire but other types of losses. The decision to insure a property for only one or two types of losses can be costly if a disaster occurs that is not insured.

Here is a list of home fire insurance policy types:

HO-1: A bare bones policy that protects against theft and most weather losses like wind and hail.

HO-2: Building on the HO-1 policy this also provides coverage for ice/snow, falling objects and water damage directly related to freezing pipes.

HO-3: A very popular choice for homeowners looking to cover all physical losses expect those excluded on the policy. No personal property would be included.

HO-4: Covers personal property and liability for damage caused to the unit which is usually rented by a landlord.

HO-5: Includes all the features of the HO-3 plus personal property coverage. Any exceptions listed on the policy are excluded.

HO-6: It is the policy designed for condo owners which may include personal property and liability limits.

HO-8: Offers cash value instead of replacement cost and covers similar types of losses as an HO-1.



Fire Insurance Claims in GA

Insurance claims for fires average over $20,000 so it is crucial to have the proper protection in Georgia.



Home Fire Insurance by City

  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Athens
  • Savannah
  • Columbus

More cities are included but these are the largest in Georgia.




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