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Idaho Fire Insurance Quotes offers free quotes for home fire insurance to residents of Idaho. If you live in the city or the mountains you understand that wild fires and kitchen fires can be just as devastating. Protecting your most valuable asset is easy if you have the right coverage. Let us help you find a great fire insurance policy with a reputable company that has the coverage you need at the rate you desire.

In Idaho each year we see hundreds of wild fires that scorch the hillside and it appears to increase each time. Whether you live in a wooded area or a suburb of Boise City you can be just as threatened to have your house burn down. My intent is not to scare you but rather to inform you of the need for fire insurance in ID.

Compare Fire Insurance Quotes in Idaho

Homeowners in Idaho can compare fire insurance simply by using our simple form to get competitive quotes from leading insurance agents. Start by entering your zip code and click "Get Quotes" to begin the application process. After completing the application you will begin to receive quotes from multiple insurance companies for fire insurance.

Finding cheap home fire insurance in Idaho has never been easier and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Use our free service to find the best rates and companies that offer home insurance in your city.

How do you save money on your fire insurance policy?

Affordable fire insurance in Idaho is available if you meet certain requirements. Here are the top five ways to have the lowest premium possible:

  1. Good credit - Having good credit history will likely save you hundreds on your fire insurance premium.
  2. No claims history - If you have made a claim or more in the past 3 years insurance companies will either not want you or charge a lot if you want their policy.
  3. Don't live next to trees - If your house is in the hills with all the timber it will cost as much as 4 times a house that is in the city. You pay for the extra hazard potential living in a wooded area.
  4. Building materials - The type of building materials used on your home can influence the premium by 20-40%. Find a home that is built with fire resistant material like brick and has a little to no wood siding.
  5. Location, location, location - Real estate is all about the "where" so when looking to buy a home understand that the insurance is greatly determined by the zip code. If there is high crime or if the area is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes the home fire insurance will cost much more.

Does fire insurance only protect my house against fire?

Home fire insurance policies range in coverage from company to company but it is not uncommon to have coverage against other perils like wind, hail, or snow. Just because it is called fire insurance doesn't mean it is the only named peril covered. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to see what is and is not covered on the policy.

If you get a basic home fire insurance policy it may not protect against theft or vandalism. Theft is a very important coverage because if your property is taken from the house or while you are away it is covered. Many people think their auto insurance policy will cover items in the car but it is actually the home insurance policy that does that.

A special thank you to the fire fighters who fought the massive Sun Valley fire in August 2013. Your efforts don't go unnoticed!

Idaho Wild Fire 2013


Home Fire Insurance Cities in ID

  • Nampa
  • Meridian
  • Boise City
  • Idaho Falls
  • Pocatello




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