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Illinois Fire Insurance Quotes

From the windy city of Chicago to suburbs like St. Charles we can help you find fire insurance quotes in Illinois. The process only takes a few minutes and you can expect to receive up to 5 different quotes from professional agents in your city. Save time and save hundreds of dollars by comparing rates of the best insurance companies in Illinois.

What companies offer the best home fire insurance rates in Illinois?

The interesting thing about insurance companies is that they are constantly looking to adjust rates based on their profitability. What this means is that you can usually find a cheaper fire insurance policy each year but do you really want to switch that often?

For most people there needs to be enough of a difference in rate or customer service for them to change companies. This could mean you save 30% off your home fire insurance policy or for others simply the customer service could be better. Most of the country's largest insurers operate out of Illinois so the selection is large. Companies like State Farm, American Family, Farmers and Allstate all offer home insurance in Illinois.

How much dwelling coverage do I need?

Dwelling coverage provides the majority of coverage in fire insurance policies in Illinois. This generally includes the structure and anything directly connected to it like a garage or deck. Fire insurance quotes will include a dwelling coverage that is determined by factors you provide in the application process. Factors include square footage, building materials and type of building. Keep in mind that most other coverage on the fire policy will be determined by the dwelling coverage.

This means if the dwelling coverage is $350,000 then you will likely see a personal property coverage default to 75% of that amount or $263,000. Another coverage you will see is separate structures which might default to 10% of the dwelling.

Ask the insurance agent how they came up with the dwelling coverage and make sure it will be replacement cost and not cash value. Replacement cost is going to provide the ability to rebuild your home at today's prices versus cash value is at a depreciated value. The insurance companies use third party vendors to help determine reconstruction costs as the prices change each year. Ask a local builder what the cost per square foot would be to rebuild your home today including demolition costs.

Home Fire Insurance Basics

When you look at getting home insurance in Illinois many companies will offer package policies that not only insure against fire but other types of losses. The decision to insure a property for only one or two types of losses can be costly if a disaster occurs that is not insured.

Here are a list of home fire insurance policy types:

HO-1: A bare bones policy that protects against theft and most weather losses like wind and hail.

HO-2: Building on the HO-1 policy this also provides coverage for ice/snow, falling objects and water damage directly related to freezing pipes.

HO-3: A very popular choice for homeowners looking to cover all physical losses expect those excluded on the policy. No personal property would be included.

HO-4: Covers personal property and liability for damage caused to the unit which is usually rented by a landlord.

HO-5: Includes all the features of the HO-3 plus personal property coverage. Any exceptions listed on the policy are excluded.

HO-6: It is the policy designed for condo owners which may include personal property and liability limits.

HO-8: Offers cash value instead of replacement cost and covers similar types of losses as an HO-1.


Home Fire Insurance Cities in IL

  • Chicago
  • Aurora
  • St Charles
  • Rockford
  • Joliet
  • Naperville


Illinois Facts

The Great Chicago Fire in 1871 was started in a barn then quickly spread to the rest of the city. The firefighters were originally sent to the wrong location so by the time they found the fire it was out of control. Eventually the fire was put out by rain two days later.


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