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Indiana fire insurance is your best way to protect the largest asset you own. Use our free online comparison tool to save hundreds of dollars on your home fire insurance in Indiana. From Fort Wayne to South Bend we can find the cheapest policy with the best coverage for your home. Start now by entering your zip code above then complete the simple application to receive quotes from multiple agents today.

How to Lower the Cost of Home Fire Insurance

Indiana fire insurance can vary in price between companies but you as the homeowner have the ability to keep your costs low. Each insurance company has to set rates based on how they perceive a certain risk which is usually determined by the last 3 years of losses in Indiana. While you have no control on how an insurance company can determine a risk in your city you can lower your policy premium by following a few simple steps.

Fire insurance policy premiums are largely determined by location, loss history, credit rating and home building materials. Each of these items can be controlled by the homeowner to varying degrees. Having more than one home insurance claim in the past three years or poor credit can increase your premiums exponentially. Using credit as a rating tool is becoming a very common tool for insurance companies to determine future losses. Just like a car loan if you have better credit your insurance policy will be cheaper. Here is a list of things to consider if you want to lower your home fire insurance bill:

  • Improve your credit rating
  • Don't make more than one claim in a three year period
  • Mitigate risk by removing shrubs and other trees that may spread fire to your house
  • Install a security/fire system for discounts up to 25%

What are the most common claims for homeowners in Indiana?

For most Indiana homeowners it is not the most common claims that cost the most but here is a list of the most common:

  • Water - usually caused by broken water pipes but also can occur from outside rising water. Remember that flood insurance is separate from home insurance.
  • Wind - wind can be very destructive leaving homeowners without the primary protection from rain and snow.
  • Theft - this is one of the most common claims unfortunately. The best way to protect against theft is an alarm system and it gives you a discount through most companies.
  • Fire - fire damage can occur from kitchen fires or electrical malfunctions

Does my roof type affect my home insurance premium?

The material that is used to cover your home is a major determinant of the rate you will pay for home fire insurance. If your home was built in the 1980s it is common to have a wood shake roof which can cause your home insurance to be very expensive. Wood shake roofs were used with little thought towards the impact to fires and how they increase damage to the entire home.

Roofs that use asphalt or cement tiles offer much more protection against fire and therefore can reduce your fire insurance rates. There are other roof materials like clay but they often break easily so these can be expensive to replace as well.


Home Fire Insurance Cities in IN

  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • South Bend
  • Hammond
  • Evansville


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