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Kansas Fire Insurance Quotes

We provide free Kansas fire insurance quotes to anyone looking to save money or switch companies. This online service offers a simple and fast way for homeowner's to compare rates for home fire insurance. Get quotes from multiple insurance agents trying to compete for your business and make the switch all in the same day. It has never been easier to shop for homeowners' insurance until now and we do it for free.

If you live in Topeka, Overland Park or Wichita we can find affordable insurance rates for your home. We can also find agents that work in most other cities in Kansas including Kansas City and many other smaller towns. Get started now and complete the secure application next.

Should my dwelling coverage equal the market value of my home?

Market value of homes in the Kansas can be low and in fact may not reflect the true cost to rebuild a home if a fire destroys it. In states that have low land values it is not uncommon to have a reconstruction cost that is more than the market value of a home. This is the case in Kansas where many homeowners have a property that may be worth $200,000 but the rebuild cost is $250,000.

Work with your insurance agent to determine the appropriate dwelling coverage to use on your fire insurance policy. Most insurance companies will work with a local builder to determine material and labor costs to demolish and reconstruct a home. Always assume more than less as you never want to be short if a fire destroys the entire home.

Home Fire Insurance Basics

When you look at getting home insurance in Kansas many companies will offer package policies that not only insure against fire but other types of losses. The decision to insure a property for only one or two types of losses can be costly if a disaster occurs that is not insured.

Here are a list of home fire insurance policy types:

HO-1: A bare bones policy that protects against theft and most weather losses like wind and hail.

HO-2: Building on the HO-1 policy this also provides coverage for ice/snow, falling objects and water damage directly related to freezing pipes.

HO-3: A very popular choice for homeowners looking to cover all physical losses expect those excluded on the policy. No personal property would be included.

HO-4: Covers personal property and liability for damage caused to the unit which is usually rented by a landlord.

HO-5: Includes all the features of the HO-3 plus personal property coverage. Any exceptions listed on the policy are excluded.

HO-6: It is the policy designed for condo owners which may include personal property and liability limits.

HO-8: Offers cash value instead of replacement cost and covers similar types of losses as an HO-1.

Rising Water Can Cost More Than Fires in Kansas

Kansas can offer devastating thunderstorms and tornadoes during the spring and summer months. Rain can build up quickly and cause flooding which is not covered on your home fire insurance policy. The way an insurance company differentiates flooding from the outside versus broken water pipes inside is the reason you might need flood insurance.

Check to see if your home is in a high risk flood area and get the proper protection against floods by visiting The National Flood Insurance Program.

Home Fire Insurance Cities in KS

  • Kansas City
  • Topeka
  • Wichita
  • Overland Park
  • Olathe




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