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Kentucky Fire Insurance Quotes

In Kentucky you can get low cost fire insurance from the best companies in the nation. We have relationships with home insurance companies and their agents to help you get affordable fire insurance quotes online. If you live in Lexington, Louisville or Owensboro and many other cities in Kentucky we can provide quotes in minutes.

The service is free of charge and only takes a couple minutes for you to tell us about your house. Once you complete the secure application we will ask the best home insurance companies to provide quotes to you. Most of these companies will contact you within minutes to provide a quote or potentially ask more questions in order to give you the lowest rate possible.

Lowest rates available on home fire insurance online

Compare the most reputable insurance companies to get the best coverage at the right price in Kentucky. The lowest rates can be found from companies that are trying to gain market share in your city. Many home insurance companies will adjust rates every couple years to accommodate previous losses or gains. This is especially true if a large weather storm created massive damage to a town where only a couple insurance companies are present. What you will notice is new companies come into these areas after a big storm so they can offer lower rates and don't expect such a storm again.

How much personal property coverage do I need?

Personal property coverage on a home fire insurance policy will replace items like electronics or clothing that was damaged or stolen. The policy will not specify everything that is covered but rather it will only list things that are not covered. Property that may not be covered includes collectibles, fine art, or expensive jewelry. For these items you will want to get a floater policy that specifically covers these items.

In most package fire insurance policies the personal property is included at a percentage of the dwelling coverage. The dwelling coverage will provide the base coverage for the structure and many of the other coverage's will be percentages of that number. For example if the dwelling coverage is $400,000 and your personal property may be 70% of that amount.

Similar Insurance Quote Comparison

It is a common request that insurance agents will be asked to quote the same coverage as another company. This is a good idea if everything were equal between companies but a lot can alter how one company may determine the best coverage for you. Keep in mind that each insurance carrier may determine things like how much it costs to rebuild your home differently. This could make one quote show a dwelling fire insurance coverage of $200k versus the other may show $220k.

One bit of advice is try to understand why a Kentucky fire insurance quote is different and have the agent explain what the advantage with being insured through his carrier is. Each company provides insurance but they are separated by claims service or how professional the agent handles your concerns. Never rely on an exact coverage to coverage comparison quote, always ask questions and pick the best policy for your family.

Home Fire Insurance Cities in KY

  • Lexington
  • Bowling Green
  • Owensboro
  • Louisville
  • Covington


High cost of fires

Damage from fires is 10 times more costly than damage from water in Kentucky. This is based on average claims in the state where the average fire claim is over $28k.



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