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Missouri Fire Insurance Quotes

The beautiful state of Missouri can offer plenty of hazards that a homeowner must protect against like fires, tornadoes and blizzard. can offer insurance shoppers a simple online tool to get multiple quotes in Missouri. Fire insurance is not just for protecting against fires but rather it offers a host of other coverage that you may not expect. Some policies only cover basic perils while others provide more protection against theft and vandalism.

Whether you live in a bigger city like St. Louis or a smaller suburb like Columbia we can still match you with a professional insurance agent with competitive quotes. Recently residents of Springfield have seen a dramatic reduction in rates from local insurance companies and we work with these companies to help compare rates.

Missouri is also prone to flooding which is not automatically covered on a home fire insurance policy. In order to get protection against flooding you need to get a separate policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. This is a federal program that offers coverage against flood but is limited in scope.

How do you save money on your fire insurance policy?

Affordable fire insurance in Missouri is available if you meet certain requirements. Here are the top five ways to have the lowest premium possible:

  1. Good credit - Having good credit history will likely save you hundreds on your fire insurance premium.
  2. No claims history - If you have made a claim or more in the past 3 years insurance companies will either not want you or charge a lot if you want their policy.
  3. Don't live next to trees - If your house is in the hills with all the timber it will cost as much as 4 times a house that is in the city. You pay for the extra hazard potential living in a wooded area.
  4. Building materials - The type of building materials used on your home can influence the premium by 20-40%. Find a home that is built with fire resistant material like brick and has a little to no wood siding.
  5. Location, location, location - Real estate is all about the "where" so when looking to buy a home understand that the insurance is greatly determined by the zip code. If there is high crime or if the area is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes the home fire insurance will cost much more.

Online fire insurance quotes

Why spend all day calling insurance agents to get quotes when you could fill out one form and have agents compete for your business. This is the easiest way to compare fire insurance quotes in Missouri. The process could not be easier and it will likely save you hundreds of dollars off your current home fire policy.

We create relationships with local insurance agents and companies who compete for your business based on the information you provide about your home. It only takes a few minutes to complete the secure form and then the quotes will start to come so you can compare rates or coverage.

Fire Insurance Claims in MO

Insurance claims for fires average over $20,000 so it is crucial to have the proper protection in Missouri.


Home Insurance Agents by City

  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Springfield
  • Independence
  • Columbia

More cities are included but these are the largest in Missouri.



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