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Get low cost home fire insurance quotes in NJ by using our free online comparison system. We work with top notch companies and their agents to provide the best coverage at an affordable premium. Start now and get multiple quotes so you can potentially save money but still protect your largest asset.

Recently we have been reminded of how important home fire insurance can be in New Jersey. With so much damage caused by fires it is crucial that each homeowner has the proper protection on their insurance policy. If you have a mortgage on your property it is required that you carry fire insurance but for those that are lucky enough to have paid the home off be sure you protect that asset.

House Fires Can Happen in the big cities like Newark

Just because you don't live in the mountains or a highly wooded area doesn't mean you can't have a fire. Seeing the jersey shore boardwalk burn and many businesses along with it this is a great reminder of the importance of insurance. In fact many homes are lost each year from fires started by electrical malfunctions, kitchen appliances or fuel in garages. Be prepared by having a fire extinguisher handy and have a plan to get out of the house if a fire starts. If you live in the metro area of Newark or Jersey City it is still a concern to have fire insurance coverage.

Families that stay safe have fire detectors in each main area and a rehearsed plan on what to do in the event of a fire. The last thing you want to happen is being stuck in a burning house without knowing how to get out.

How do you save money on your fire insurance policy?

Affordable fire insurance in New Jersey is available if you meet certain requirements. Here are the top five ways to have the lowest premium possible:

  1. Good credit - Having good credit history will likely save you hundreds on your fire insurance premium.
  2. No claims history - If you have made a claim or more in the past 3 years insurance companies will either not want you or charge a lot if you want their policy.
  3. Don't live next to trees - If your house is in the hills with all the timber it will cost as much as 4 times a house that is in the city. You pay for the extra hazard potential living in a wooded area.
  4. Building materials - The type of building materials used on your home can influence the premium by 20-40%. Find a home that is built with fire resistant material like brick and has a little to no wood siding.
  5. Location, location, location - Real estate is all about the "where" so when looking to buy a home understand that the insurance is greatly determined by the zip code. If there is high crime or if the area is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes the home fire insurance will cost much more.

Should my dwelling coverage equal the market value of my home?

Market value of homes in New Jersey can be very high and in fact may not reflect the true cost to rebuild a home if a fire destroys it. In states that have high land values it is not uncommon to have a reconstruction cost that is less than the market value of a home. This is the case in NJ where many homeowners have a property that may be worth $800,000 but the rebuild cost is only $600,000.

Work with your insurance agent to determine the appropriate dwelling coverage to use on your fire insurance policy. Most insurance companies will work with a local builder to determine material and labor costs to demolish and reconstruct a home. Always assume more than less as you never want to be short if a fire destroys the entire home.

Thank you to the firefighters who helped fight the jersey shore fire! With so much history and small business activity it will be back soon.


Fire Insurance in New Jersey Cities

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth
  • Edison



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