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New Mexico Fire Insurance Quotes

New Mexico fire insurance is so important in a state that is constantly bombarded by summer blazes. We can provide a simple online tool to compare up to 5 different home fire insurance quotes from top companies in NM. Whether you live in a rural area of Roswell or Albuquerque it is important to maintain the right fire coverage and try to mitigate your risk. Use our site by completing the application and within minutes expect quotes from insurance agents that operate in your city.

Fire insurance does protect against blazes but also many other perils like wind, hail and snow. The right package policy allows you the best coverage at the lowest premium possible. Even if you like your current insurance carrier it makes sense to see how they compare in premium to other reputable companies. You may be surprised to find better coverage at a lower cost than what you pay for homeowner's insurance now.

Important Coverage on a Fire Insurance Policy

Having protection against fires is obviously a top concern but you will also need to consider your personal property and liability. This means you need to think about the other possible losses that may occur in New Mexico such as wind, hail, lightning and snow.

Here are a few items that each home fire insurance policy should include:

  • Personal property - enough to replace everything you own at today's prices
  • Personal liability - protect your net worth in the event of a lawsuit
  • Medical expenses - cover medical costs if a visitor is injured at your home
  • Floater for jewelry - separately covers jewelry such as engagement rings
  • Replacement cost coverage - replaces building and property items at today's prices

Things to consider when shopping for home fire insurance

Insurance companies will try to offer the lowest rate possible on any quote they provide so they get your attention. While we understand that an affordable policy is very important be sure to understand that every quote is not the same. Even if you are trying to compare quotes with the exact same coverage limits there can still be a big difference between companies.

For example customer service from company to company can vary and some companies excel in this area year in and year out. Another item to consider is the claims experience of a company. Most insurance consumers don't communicate with the company but only when they have a claim. If your first interaction with the insurance company is due to a claim you are likely expecting a swift and painless process to get you back to whole. Having a bad claim experience will push most customers to look for another company.

Does my roof type affect my home insurance premium?

The material that is used to cover your home is a major determinant of the rate you will pay for home fire insurance. If your home was built in the 1980s it is common to have a wood shake roof which can cause your home insurance to be very expensive. Wood shake roofs were used with little thought towards the impact to fires and how they increase damage to the entire home.

Roofs that use asphalt or cement tiles offer much more protection against fire and therefore can reduce your fire insurance rates. There are other roof materials like clay but they often break easily so these can be expensive to replace as well.

Most Damaging Fires in New Mexico

April 2000 - North NM
47,000 acres, 235 structures

May 2011 - Wallow Fire
538,000 acres, 75 structures

May 2012 - Gila National Forest
297,000 acres, 1200 firefighters battle the states largest fire


Insurance Agents in New Mexico Cities

  • Albuquerque
  • Las Cruces
  • Rio Rancho
  • Santa Fe
  • Roswell



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