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North Carolina homeowner's can find fire insurance quotes from leading companies all online and from one site. We work with the nation's most recognizable insurance carriers to provide a comparison shopping tool for any homeowner. Whether you live in Charlotte, Raleigh or Durham to name a few we can help you find cheaper and possibly better coverage. Use our site today to see what the other insurance companies are offering in your city.

By now you know that North Carolina fire insurance premiums increased in 2012 in some areas due to how far away a fire station may be to your home. The change was seen in areas that the proximity to a fire station was actually further away than originally thought. The insurance companies have been using GPS to help determine the distance away from a fire station which could impact your insurance premiums. If you lived in an area that was originally on a map used by the Department of Insurance and now the global positioning satellite is telling it is further away from that station your fire insurance premium likely increased.

In some cases your home fire insurance policy could have decreased due to a closer proximity than expected to a fire station. This makes it even more important for you to start shopping around to find affordable fire insurance. You can get started online at

Online fire insurance quotes

Why spend all day calling insurance agents to get quotes when you could fill out one form and have agents compete for your business. This is the easiest way to compare fire insurance quotes in Missouri. The process could not be easier and it will likely save you hundreds of dollars off your current home fire policy.

We create relationships with local insurance agents and companies who compete for your business based on the information you provide about your home. It only takes a few minutes to complete the secure form and then the quotes will start to come so you can compare rates or coverage.

When is the best time to shop for fire insurance?

The obvious answer is not when your house is on fire! Sorry but I couldn't give up the chance to make a joke. In all seriousness fire insurance is something that can change each year and as companies compete for your business it is likely you will find a much lower rate elsewhere. The best thing you can do is compare rates each year to determine if it makes sense to switch companies. Always try to compare similar coverage if possible and give the competition the ability to offer as many discounts as possible.

What I mean by allowing them to offer you discounts is that many fire home insurance quotes are designed to get you in the door with discounts. Some companies offer a new customer discount while others may give you multiple policy discounts. The more you seem interested in their quote the harder they will work to find all possible discounts you deserve.

Home Fire Insurance by City

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Greensboro
  • Winston-Salem
  • Durham

More cities are included but these are the largest in North Carolina.



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We offer fire insurance quotes in all 50 states. By partnering with leading insurance companies and agents we are able to find you the best policy at the lowest premium.