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North Dakota Fire Insurance Quotes

Fire insurance costs in North Dakota can vary widely from company to company. This is why it is so important to compare rates from multiple insurance companies so you know your policy is the best fit for you. Notice how I didn't say it should be the cheapest policy? Too many homeowner's try to find the lowest cost insurance policy but then tend to get burned when they need to file a claim. We can help you compare rates from top companies online and only in a few minutes.

Finding the home insurance policy that has the best coverage for the lowest cost is a great place to start but you should also consider the claim experience or customer service. The average homeowner makes a claim every seven years and that may be the only time you speak with someone from the company. In today's online world most of the communication that is done with an insurance company is only if a bill is wrong or some change has occurred.

The plains of North Dakota can be home to floods and fires during the summer months and harsh freezing in the winter months. Having a dramatic climate change offers many different ways your home can be damaged and thus the need for a great home fire insurance policy.

How much personal property coverage do I need?

Personal property coverage on a home fire insurance policy will replace items like electronics or clothing that was damaged or stolen. The policy will not specify everything that is covered but rather it will only list things that are not covered. Property that may not be covered includes collectibles, fine art, or expensive jewelry. For these items you will want to get a floater policy that specifically covers these items.

In most package fire insurance policies the personal property is included at a percentage of the dwelling coverage. The dwelling coverage will provide the base coverage for the structure and many of the other coverage's will be percentages of that number. For example if the dwelling coverage is $400,000 and your personal property may be 70% of that amount.

Home Fire Insurance Basics

When you look at getting home insurance in Mississippi many companies will offer package policies that not only insure against fire but other types of losses. The decision to insure a property for only one or two types of losses can be costly if a disaster occurs that is not insured.

Here are a list of home fire insurance policy types:

HO-1: A bare bones policy that protects against theft and most weather losses like wind and hail.

HO-2: Building on the HO-1 policy this also provides coverage for ice/snow, falling objects and water damage directly related to freezing pipes.

HO-3: A very popular choice for homeowners looking to cover all physical losses expect those excluded on the policy. No personal property would be included.

HO-4: Covers personal property and liability for damage caused to the unit which is usually rented by a landlord.

HO-5: Includes all the features of the HO-3 plus personal property coverage. Any exceptions listed on the policy are excluded.

HO-6: It is the policy designed for condo owners which may include personal property and liability limits.

HO-8: Offers cash value instead of replacement cost and covers similar types of losses as an HO-1.

Home Fire Insurance by City

  • Fargo
  • Bismarck
  • Grand Forks
  • Minot
  • West Fargo

More cities are included but these are the largest in North Dakota.



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