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Tennessee Fire Insurance Quotes

Are you looking for the best fire insurance policy in Tennessee? We can help you find affordable coverage from a great insurance company that specializes in fire insurance in TN. By working with multiple agents in cities like Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville we are able to provide insurance consumers a simple way to compare rates from top companies online.

Tennessee fire insurance is meant to protect your home against fire but also many other perils including theft, vandalism and wind. The term fire insurance comes from when that was the only coverage for a property but many companies still use the name to distinguish it as home insurance. Today we have great companies like State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual and much more that provide quotes to people just like yourself looking to save money.

Is now a good time to switch insurance companies?

Customers always ask me when is the best time to switch insurance companies because they feel like it is a hassle. The truth is simply whenever you have time to spend a few minutes online then compare quotes. It only takes a few minutes to complete our online application then agents will send you fire insurance quotes for you to review. Take some time to review the coverage and premium then ask questions before you buy. The whole process can be done in one day and could save you hundreds of dollars.

Another good time to switch home fire insurance companies is before your mortgage company sends payment to renew the policy. If you have replaced the insurance policy prior to the renewal date it is likely that the old company will not have received a check from your escrow account. If they do send a check from escrow to the old carrier it can negatively impact your escrow balance. Be sure to ask your lender when they plan to send payment to the insurance company.

Important Coverage on a Fire Insurance Policy

Having protection against fires is obviously a top concern but you will also need to consider your personal property and liability. It makes sense to have a policy that will provide coverage at an affordable price. This means you need to think about the other possible losses that may occur in Tennessee such as wind, hail and lightning.

Here are a few items that each home fire insurance policy should include:

  • Personal property - enough to replace everything you own at today's prices
  • Personal liability - protect your net worth in the event of a lawsuit
  • Medical expenses - cover medical costs if a visitor is injured at your home
  • Floater for jewelry - separately covers jewelry such as engagement rings
  • Replacement cost coverage - replaces building and property items at today's prices

Available discounts

Many homeowners have the basic safety and security items that will save them on their home insurance such as dead bolt locks, fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Some discounts are less common and could save you a lot of money on your policy. For example having a fire resistant material used for the construction of your home will help lower your premium as well as having multiple policies with the same company.

Insurance companies offer great discounts when you bundle your insurance policies including auto, home, and life insurance. By doing this alone it could save 30-45% on each policy. Consider getting quotes on your auto insurance along with the home fire insurance quotes to see how much savings are possible.

Home Fire Insurance by City

  • Memphis
  • Nashville
  • Knoxville
  • Chattanooga
  • Clarksville

More cities are included but these are the largest in Tennessee.



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