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Wisconsin Fire Insurance Quotes

Enter your zip code above to start saving 35% or more off your home fire insurance in Wisconsin. We help insurance shoppers like yourself get affordable homeowners insurance with great coverage all in one day. Using our online quoting tool you can easily expect to receive five home fire insurance quotes for your home in WI. Don't spend your time calling multiple agents and giving them the same information each time. Complete our simple form once and let us bring the quotes to you.

We are partners with the best insurance companies in the nation who will provide comprehensive quotes for fire insurance. Wisconsin residents now have the option to shop for insurance online from one website versus entering the same information over and over again. Our simple application captures important information about the property plus other questions that will allow the agents to apply the most discounts possible.

Companies that have the most affordable fire insurance in WI

There are numerous insurance companies that operate out of Wisconsin but we partner with the industry leaders. Insurance agents represent companies like American Family, Farmers, and State Farm to name a few. When you get home insurance quotes from these agents you will know they are backed by some of the most reputable brands in America.

Some people may have a bad experience with a certain insurance company so that is why we ask your current provider so quotes don't come from that company. It is important to complete the application as truthfully as possible so agents can provide the most accurate quote possible. If you don't tell them about a claim it may only surprise you later when the rate is increased.

When is the best time to shop for fire insurance?

The obvious answer is not when your house is on fire! Sorry but I couldn't give up the chance to make a joke. In all seriousness fire insurance is something that can change each year and as companies compete for your business it is likely you will find a much lower rate elsewhere. The best thing you can do is compare rates each year to determine if it makes sense to switch companies. Always try to compare similar coverage if possible and give the competition the ability to offer as many discounts as possible.

What I mean by allowing them to offer you discounts is that many fire home insurance quotes are designed to get you in the door with discounts. Some companies offer a new customer discount while others may give you multiple policy discounts. The more you seem interested in their quote the harder they will work to find all possible discounts you deserve.

Important Coverage on a Fire Insurance Policy

Having protection against fires is obviously a top concern but you will also need to consider your personal property and liability. It makes sense to have a policy that will provide coverage at an affordable price. This means you need to think about the other possible losses that may occur in Wisconsin such as wind, hail, lightning and snow.

Here are a few items that each home fire insurance policy should include:

  • Personal property - enough to replace everything you own at today's prices
  • Personal liability - protect your net worth in the event of a lawsuit
  • Medical expenses - cover medical costs if a visitor is injured at your home
  • Floater for jewelry - separately covers jewelry such as engagement rings
  • Replacement cost coverage - replaces building and property items at today's prices

Home Fire Insurance by City

  • Milwaukee
  • Madison
  • Green Bay
  • Kenosha
  • Racine

More cities are included but these are the largest in Wisconsin.



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